Stumbleine feat. Violet Skies – ‘Chasing Honeybees’

Stumbleine feat. Violet Skies - 'Chasing Honeybees'


Bristol-based producer serves up a confused, lifeless listen on new five track EP

Since 2011, Stumbleine – aka Bristol-based producer Peter Cooper – has self-released Bandcamp collection after Bandcamp collection of atmospheric electronica that weaves together disparate threads: My Bloody Valentine, Burial, Cocteau Twins, mid-’90s R&B, Phil Spector, even J Dilla. Often he’s employed warped vocal samples, while occasionally he’s collaborated with singers. But by concentrating solely on the latter on this five-track EP – a co-write with Welsh singer Violet Skies that constitutes a taste of a full-length collaborative album due for April – it feels as though the delicate nature of his craft has been knocked out of balance. Violet Skies’ vocals not only lack character – see a lifeless cover of The Crystals’ ‘Then He Kissed Me’ – but leave little room for much else, which only serves to detract from Stumbeline’s soothing, ethereal textures.

Cian Traynor


Record label: Monotreme