Communions – ‘Cobblestones EP’

Communions - 'Cobblestones EP'


Pickly, punky angst is the order of the day on these Danes' debut EP

Perhaps the surprising thing about Communions is that there haven’t been more bands like them. Since adorable hooligans Iceage bust their way out of Copenhagen a few years back to capture hearts with their prickly punk angst, there’s been a bandwagon revved and ready to ride. What impresses about these four young Danes, though, is how they channel something of Iceage’s gritted anthemics and spirited vigour while also sounding like they’re carving out a strong character of their own. This being their debut EP, the production is set to lo-fi throughout. That can’t obscure some fine, fledgling songwriting, though: the breathless surf-punk and spirited gang chorusing of the title track, or ‘Seascapes’, which drops sneers for a jangle-pop romance with a wide-eyed ambition that recalls early Stone Roses.

Louis Pattison


Record label: Posh Isolation