Com Truise – ‘Wave 1 EP’

Com Truise - 'Wave 1 EP'


Plenty of impressive sci-fi synth sounds, but the New Jersey producer's latest never settles into a proper groove

There’s plenty of sci-fi synth about at the moment – big and billowing soundtrack-style music that pairs euphoric electronic washes and ’80s drums with sounds that recall the Flight Of The Navigator spacecraft. New Jersey producer Seth Haley, who goes by the alter ego Com Truise, has so far distinguished himself from the pack with a jittery sense of experimentalism, his debut album ‘Galactic Melt’ taking nu-disco sounds and investing them with keen IDM smarts.

Sadly, ‘Wave 1’ is a more disjointed, disorienting listen. VHS-quality dubstep (‘Mind’) collides with robo-pop ballads (‘Declination’), but Haley’s lush synth washes are all too often interrupted by flickering glitches and abrasive drum claps, and the one thing that does seem truly alien to this record is a steady groove.

Kate Hutchinson