Wolves Like Us – ‘Black Soul Choir’

Wolves Like Us - 'Black Soul Choir'


The occasional meaty groove isn't enough to save Oslo quartet's second album from feeling like everything else

At its very best, ‘Black Soul Choir’, the second album from Oslo quartet Wolves Like Us, is competent enough – an amalgam of aggressive post-hardcore and metallic grunge that occasionally finds its way to a meaty-sounding groove (‘Dig With Your Hands’). Sadly, the Norwegians promptly undo much of their good work by interspersing the bombastic rocking with acoustic cobblers like ‘Lovescared’ and the sort of excessive, pompous emoting that even Pearl Jam tend to avoid these days. A couple of years back, it seemed like every third band had ‘Wolf’ in their name. But ‘Black Soul Choir’ is likely to leave you feeling that there are too many bands, full stop.

Noel Gardner