Rainy Milo – ‘This Thing Of Ours’

Rainy Milo - 'This Thing Of Ours'


Brit School dropout's jazzy trip-hop gets derailed

FKA Twigs is going to be leading a renaissance of sparse UK soul in 2014, and unfortunately that means someone is going to have to be the Remi Nicole to her Kate Nash. With her jazzy vocals and tediously tasteful trip-hop instrumentals, Rainy Milo dropped out of the Brit School to pursue her musical career, having just recently turned 19. Despite this early start, she oozes a smoky maturity that bodes well for her debut, but unfortunately then shanks it off the fairways by prattling on about Air Max 90s and hanging on the District Line. Perhaps if only she’d gotten those last few precious lessons, this might not feel so incomplete.

Gavin Haynes


Record label: Limey/EMI
Release date: 03 Mar, 2014