Linda Perhacs – ‘The Soul Of All Natural Things’

Linda Perhacs - 'The Soul Of All Natural Things'


The 44 year wait between albums made worthwhile on cult folk singer's second record

Out Rodriguez-ing Rodriguez, septuagenarian Linda Perhacs is the crate-digger’s favourite cult folk singer who, after releasing her rudely overlooked, ethereal, Topanga Canyon-birthed masterpiece ‘Parallelograms’ in 1970, put down the patchouli oil and returned to her job as a dental hygienist. Tempted out of retirement over the past decade by a gang of muso fans including Devendra Banhart, her second album is a gorgeous, glimmering offering of cynicism-free psychedelia, in which Perhacs’ delicate, girlish vocals seem unchanged despite the passing of 44 years. From the title track’s inviting flamenco guitar, through to the near-mystical harmonies of the elaborately textured ‘Intensity’ and the choral experimentation of ‘Prisms Of Glass’, this is an album in possession of a rare innocence and charm.

Leonie Cooper


Record label: Asthmatic Kitty
Release date: 03 Mar, 2014