The Birthday Suit – ‘A Hollow Hole Of Riches’

The Birthday Suit - 'A Hollow Hole Of Riches'


Idlewild guitarist explores the sounds of Interpol and The National on third album

Although Idlewild went on hiatus in 2010, guitarist Rod Jones has kept busy. He formed this band the following year, and they’re already up to their third album. Unsurprisingly, there are shades of his previous group here – opener ‘A Bigger World’ and ‘Sold Your Soul’ both come off as a mixture of Idlewild’s brash early years and their more mellow latter days – but these 11 songs also reach further. For example, hints of Interpol and The National appear in ‘Tonight Is Broken Hearted’ and ‘Lost But Not Forgotten’ respectively, although the former is let down by its clunky, trite lyrics. Still, with this album, The Birthday Suit are marking their place in the rich field of Scottish rock.

Mischa Pearlman


Record label: Sing It Alone
Release date: 03 Mar, 2014