Trans – ‘Trans Green’

Trans - 'Trans Green'


Bernard Butler and The Yummy Fur's Jackie McKeown's doubling up results in half the ideas on this EP

Tired of lugging their formidable pedalboards all over the place, ex-Suede guitarist Bernard Butler and The Yummy Fur’s Jackie McKeown formed low-key project Trans as an excuse to just play guitar without adding fancy effects. The result was 30 hours of improvised music edited to EP length. Like last year’s ‘Trans Red’, this is a tranquil conversation between their instruments, not one fuelled by frenetic solos or excursions of ego. It’s refreshing to hear both playing with freedom on jangling opener ‘Thinking About A Friend’, but the lyrical repetition of ‘Tangerine’ gets tedious, and ‘The Prince’ meanders for over seven minutes without changing pace. At best it’s a good lazy Sunday morning listen, at worst it’s an uneventful collection of half-finished ideas.

Simon Butcher


Record label: Rough Trade
Release date: 10 Mar, 2014