Ava Luna – ‘Electric Balloon’

Ava Luna - 'Electric Balloon'


Brooklyn bunch bewilder with diverse mix of sounds on second album

Brooklynites Ava Luna’s second album is delightfully bewildering. Opening statement ‘Daydream’ bleats a David Byrne tribute over jagged Television guitars. It’s post-punk with a disco bent, its colours nailed firmly to the mast of its influences. So far, so standard… until the next track. And the next. Each song is a new mast, with different colours nailed on. ‘Aquarium’ forays into freeform jazz, whilst ‘Plain Speech’ neatly approximates the unlikely sound of Steve Malkmus and Otis Redding hashing out a tune together. Located somewhere between the control of modern R&B (‘PRPL’) and the staccato angles of the art punk scene (‘Sears Roebuck M&Ms’), each song is so powerful and crafted you can’t help but buy into whatever it is Ava Luna are trying to sell you.

Hayley Avron


Record label: Western Vinyl
Release date: 10 Mar, 2014