Evian Christ – ‘Waterfall’ EP

Evian Christ - 'Waterfall' EP


Shadowy industrial sounds make the Kanye collaborator's latest a must-hear

Joshua Leary is electronica’s very own Cinderella story: the primary teacher from sleepy Cheshire town Ellesmere Port who, after putting three anonymous tracks online in 2011, was plucked from relative obscurity by Kanye West for a grinding collaboration (‘I’m In It’) on last year’s ‘Yeezus’ blockbuster. Now signed to West’s DONDA creative agency, new EP ‘Waterfall’ sees the shadowy 24-year-old advance the weird, industrial sonics that caught everyone’s attention in the first place into even bolder territory. From the twisted techno of ‘Salt Carousel’ to the vicious trip of ‘Fuck Idol’, these four tracks serve as a reminder to forget his tantalising new partnership with hip-hop’s biggest provocateur: Leary can kidnap your attention just as easily alone.

Al Horner


Record label: Tri Angle
Release date: 17 Mar, 2014