Tycho – ‘Awake’

Tycho - 'Awake'


Scott Hansen hits the snooze button on his laidback fourth album

American ambient electronica merchant Scott Hansen’s 2011 third album ‘Dive’ was a work of slick, toned disco, but for fourth album ‘Awake’ he’s hit the snooze button. More laidback and less danceable than its predecessor, the likes of ‘Montana’, ‘L’ and ‘Dye’ stroll rather than strut with ‘See’ being about the only track to get its blood pumping and only penultimate track ‘Spectre’ managing any sort of dynamic variety. That’s not to say this eight-track instrumental isn’t pleasant, it’s just a bit like going for a drive around a ring road: You’ll be comfy, you might spot some pretty things on the hard shoulder, but ultimately it doesn’t get you anywhere.

Andy Welch


Record label: Ghostly International
Release date: 17 Mar, 2014