Lyla Foy – ‘Mirrors The Sky’

Lyla Foy - 'Mirrors The Sky'


Iconic label Sub Pop take a wrong turn with the John Lewisian alternativity of Lyla Foy

Thinking back to the early days of Nirvana and the Seattle sound, it’s saddening now to see Sub Pop sink to such John Lewisian delusions of alternativity as these. You can see why they plumped for Londoner Lyla Foy for their first UK signing in years, though. There could be something here, and Foy deploys her eletronicad-up folk-pop with classy restraint. The child-woman ethereality that’s wafted in and out of music’s peripheral vision since the days of early ’90s flutterers Cranes is strong on ‘Honeymoon’ and ‘Easy’, but there’s also nigh-on-sprightly, post-Jessie Ware trip-pop on ‘I Only’ and ‘Feather Tongue’. It’s just not enough, though, to struggle above years of similarly tasteful, slight efforts.

Emily Mackay


Record label: Sub Pop
Release date: 17 Mar, 2014