La Dispute – ‘Rooms Of The House’

La Dispute - 'Rooms Of The House'


The Michigan post-hardcore band serve up a concept album about the collapse of a co-habiting couple

Over two albums, Michigan post-hardcore band La Dispute have established themselves as a solid act but ‘Rooms Of The House’, a concept album detailing the collapse of a co-habiting couple, sees the band properly impress. Powerfully tying together disparate influences and big themes, their workmanlike guitars and burly rhythm section are a solid foundation for frontman Jordan Dreyer’s dense lyrics, both sung and spoken. “I promised we’d rearrange things to fix the mess I’d made here, But I guess in the end we just moved furniture around” he sings on ‘For Mayor In Splitsville’, nailing the shattered spirit which lies at the centre of this album’s broken heart. A harmonious hardcore Dispute.

David Renshaw


Record label: Big Scary Monsters
Release date: 17 Mar, 2014