MT Warning – ‘Midnight Set’

MT Warning - 'Midnight Set'


The Australian band make a cynical attempt at provoking emotion

As recognisable as shoegaze’s distortion pedals or the larynx-shredding rasp of death metal, there’s a certain school of musical thought that can largely be characterised by an emotive, falsetto croon. Able to conjure up spine-tingling, dusky romance within seconds, it’s The Antlers, Grizzly Bear et al’s tool of choice and, when employed correctly, it’s a deadly one. Australia’s MT Warning are clearly aiming for this camp as literally every track on ‘Midnight Set’ is underpinned by “oohs” so doe-eyed they should be soundtracking The Notebook. But there’s something about the Coldplay-esque chorus of ‘Youth Bird’ or the banal lyrics of ‘Forward Miles’ (“I’m gonna live in a race car/ I’m gonna go there fast”) that just aren’t convincing, no matter how much they trill.

Lisa Wright


Record label: Sipping Jetstreams
Release date: 17 Mar, 2014