Ekoplekz – ‘Unfidelity’

Ekoplekz - 'Unfidelity'


Nick Edwards represents the niche world of middle aged men making experimental, hypnotic electronica

Since 2009, Nick Edwards (a middle aged man from Bristol, according to his Twitter) has self-released numerous EPs of electronic noise as Ekoplekz and been featured on underground labels Editions Mego and Punch Drunk too. Straddling the worlds of dance music and sound art, his output is too weird for the club, and his first LP ‘Unfidelity’ is no different. Initially, post-punkers Cabaret Voltaire seem obvious influences, as the record is saturated in reverb and harsh industrial sounds from opener ‘Trace Elements’ onwards. Elsewhere, unorthodox takes on more contemporary forms such as minimal techno (‘Severn Beach’), drone (‘Sea 90’) and instrumental grime (‘Analogue Twitch’) provide rhythms that are warped by the dense thrum. The result is original, surreal and hypnotic – a brilliant debut.

Huw Nesbitt


Record label: Planet Mu
Release date: 17 Mar, 2014