Hypnotized – ‘Telesto’ EP

Hypnotized - 'Telesto' EP


The Brighton trio bring together synths, oscillators and loops in a cosmic mind-melt

Lifting their name from a single by drone rockers Spacemen 3, Hypnotized manage to blast off in a completely different direction to their inspiration. Sidelining one-chord riffing in favour of a clutter of synths, oscillators and loops, ‘Telesto’ gathers fragments of the Brighton trio’s live show into one long cosmic mind-melt. Icy beats jut forth on ‘Fun Wings’, tabla and sitar wriggle through ‘Hylia’ and the buried vocals on ‘Vanity Of Names’ gradually reveal the song structures beneath Hypnotized’s soft surfaces. Although the band lose direction under ‘Thawed”s muffled blanket of static, most of ‘Telesto’ is focused enough to suggest greater trips to come.

Stuart Huggett


Record label: Love Thy Neighbour
Release date: 24 Mar, 2014