Iydes – ‘Phase’ EP

Iydes - 'Phase' EP


Mary Anne Hobbs associate offers up subtle debut EP

If you want to hear how the intersection between moody bass music and techno can sound as exciting as a roller-disco with wolves, listen to the new Burial EP. If, however, you’re after something that follows a far more demure path in that quadrant, then IYDES could be your man. He’s linked to both Kompakt and Mary Anne Hobbs, and it turns out that’s a very effective summary of his first EP. The crumbly, aqueous ‘What You Got’ doesn’t so much build up as start slowly then gradually evaporate. ‘Call To Reason’ is so muted and delicate you’d need an endoscope to get a good look at it, while ‘Aldkrome II’ heads for the softly fizzing breaks of early Aphex Twin before deciding it has become drunk on power and opting instead for something much more low-key. Very subtle pleasures.

Gavin Haynes


Record label: Dandelion Lotus
Release date: 31 Mar, 2014