The Faint – ‘Doom Abuse’

The Faint - 'Doom Abuse'


Former trend-setters return with goth-y electro-rock record

Once the missing link between the disparate early 00s New York scenes of electroclash and The Strokes, The Faint foretold new rave with ‘Danse Macabre’ around 2001. Having jerk-danced their way off the Ultra New Wave map in 2008 they now return with album seven, their goth-tinged electro-rock undimmed, their melodies unsettlingly wonky and their heads filled with scary voices (‘Help In The Head’, ‘Evil Voices’, ‘Mental Radio’). A good seven years out of date, ‘Doom Abuse’ is pure synth-pop mania, frequently teetering between unadulterated Trent Reznor pop brilliance (‘Unseen Hand’, ‘Lesson From The Darkness’) and impressions of Skrillex driving a monster truck through a Savages gig in a video arcade (‘Animal Needs’, ‘Dress Code’). Does it abuse you? Oh yeah…

Mark Beaumont


Record label: SQE
Release date: 07 Apr, 2014