Thought Forms/Esben & The Witch – ‘Split LP’

Thought Forms/Esben & The Witch - 'Split LP'


The two trios take charge of half a side each on this collaborative LP

This joint release from touring partners Esben And The Witch and Thought Forms arrives on shiny silver vinyl, fitting for two trios whose sinister rock nightmares mirror each other perfectly. Building on last year’s stormy ‘Ghost Mountain’, Thought Forms’ side peaks with the driving Sonic Youth riffs of ‘Sound Of Violence’ and the dizzying My Bloody Valentine lurch of ‘For The Moving Stars’. The pick of Esben’s two songs, the murderous ‘No Dog’, finds Rachel Davies threatening to “Spring for your throat, break open your bones” to a gale of pummelling drums and howling guitar. Having left their label, the band are using crowdfunding to record their next album with Steve Albini, for which these raw tracks offer great promise.

Stuart Huggett


Record label: Invada
Release date: 07 Apr, 2014