Bed Rugs – ‘8th Cloud’

Bed Rugs - '8th Cloud'


Belgium troupe tackle indie-Brit melodies with aplomb

Being named after the stolen mat in The Big Lebowski – arguably the most slacker-friendly film this side of Dude, Where’s My Car? – one might imagine Belgium’s Bed Rugs to be fond of the odd spliff, tumbler of White Russian and focus-free jam. This, their first full album (but recorded before last year’s mini-album ‘Rapids’), torches that notion. The likes of ’Modern Freaks’, ‘Trees’ and ‘Evening Crusade’ boast the amped-up edge of Grandaddy in crunching rather than crying mode, all topped with a Teenage Fanclub-tight grip on indie-Brit melody, but they can make the ground drop too. Seek out ‘Dream On’: a gorgeous head-swim rivalling Tame Impala’s ‘Innerspeaker’ that helps make ‘8th Cloud’ one of the most rewarding finds of 2014.

Jamie Fullerton


Record label: Ample Play
Release date: 07 Apr, 2014