Odonis Odonis – ‘Hard Boiled Soft Boiled’

Odonis Odonis - 'Hard Boiled Soft Boiled'


Dean Tzenos treads a forked path between industrialism and dreamy shoegaze

On 2011 debut ‘Hollandaze’, Odonis Odonis – led by Toronto’s Dean Tzenos – introduced themselves with a record full of wall-to-wall blistering noise that was as aggressive as a punch to the gut. Three years later, the first half of follow-up ‘Hard Boiled Soft Boiled’ takes the same brutish approach, and ‘Are We Friends’ comes on like Klaxons’ ‘Four Horsemen Of 2012’ with the neon replaced by jet black industrialism. Come midway point ‘Transmission From The Moon’, though, Tzenos starts unclenching his fists. Sunkissed shoegaze wafts over chiming guitar lines and gently crashing drums, while ‘Angus Mountain’ is as close to euphoric as the band have ever managed. This is the sound of progress.

Rhian Daly


Record label: Buzz
Release date: 14 Apr, 2014