Silo – ‘Work’

Silo - 'Work'


Danish synth rock trio beguile on their return

Danish three-piece Silo made two albums of abrasive synth rock – ‘Instar’ (1998) and ‘Alloy’ (2001) – before drifting apart, getting proper jobs and starting families. If this reunion after 13 years comes because they wanted to inject some excitement back into their lives, it sounds like it worked. Looping guitar fuzz is interwoven with a looping synth riff on ‘Filaments’ and ‘Cabinn Fever’ sees M Sayyid from experimental hip hop crew Antipop Consortium performing vocal acrobatics over slabs of distortion that grate violently against one another. It’s all a thrill. Special mention goes to ‘The Inexorable Sadness Of Pencils’, an excellently surreal song title. This is music that’s confrontational and uncompromising, but sucks you in even so. Hard hitting dad rock.

Chris Cottingham


Record label: Novennial Paralysis
Release date: 14 Apr, 2014