Dead Fader – ‘Blood Forest/Scorched’

Dead Fader - 'Blood Forest/Scorched'


Depleted electronic noise outfit return with boundary-pushing experiments

John Cohen – minus former partner in electronic noise Barry Prendergast – returns with Dead Fader’s first full-length since 2010’s ‘Corrupt My Examiner’, and it’s a big old game of two halves. Album one, ‘Blood Forest’, is the sweeter proposition, a hypnagogic mix of pretty, warped synth melodies (‘In Cover’, ‘Dettol’) and found sound (‘Drown’) that bips and bops like a perky Boards Of Canada. ‘Scorched’, on the other hand, is vicious, ranging from the thuggish beats of its title track to the squeaks and whirrs of ‘Crampsies’ that sound like all computerised music ever being shoved through a slicer. It’s also magnificent. Both are, in fact. With two vastly different approaches, Cohen has pushed the boundaries of electronica until they split.

Matthew Horton


Record label: Robot Elephant/Small But Hard
Release date: 21 Apr, 2014