Heterotic – ‘Weird Drift’

Heterotic - 'Weird Drift'


Label founder's band indulge in unoriginal but classy soul-pop

With Heterotic, progressive Brit label Planet Mu swaps futuristic dance for an excursion into indie R&B. Fronted by Mu’s own founder Mike Paradinas, the duo’s deliciously ’80s soul-pop ballads are both elegantly blissful and headily atmospheric. A caramel watercolour of prom-night romance and soft melancholy, the keynote ‘Rain’ is a thing of beauty. All told, though, you could expect more from such a forward-thinking figure as Paradinas. Between the reverbed falsettos and analogue synths, there’s nothing here that Active Child wasn’t doing three years back, while fundamentally the music is conservative next to the stuff indie-R&B specialists Tri Angle Records put out. It seems Paradinas’ real talents lie behind the scenes.

John Calvert


Record label: Planet Mu
Release date: 21 Apr, 2014