Various Artists – ‘The Space Project’

Various Artists - 'The Space Project'


Indie groups take sounds from space and transform them into songs on this galactic compilation

In space, no-one can hear you scream, or do the dishes, or kill a fox with a penknife, because sound doesn’t travel in space. So there’s already a disingenuous premise at the heart of The Space Project. Lefse Records got hold of the ‘sounds’ – actually electromagnetic waves – that the deep-space Voyager probes had picked up, and gave them to tasteful indie types like Youth Lagoon, while conveniently omitting that even a boiled egg will emit waves you could then transmit as sound. Far from yer head disappearing up Uranus, the results are standard indie on top of a few croaky far-off bleeps, but the vibe is brilliantly consistent: dubby, cracked, and less dense than the surface of Saturn (very un-dense).

Gavin Haynes


Record label: Lefse/Fat Possum
Release date: 21 Apr, 2014