FTSE – ‘Love Un Ltd’

FTSE - 'Love Un Ltd'


Leicester producer layers up quiet menace on subtle new EP

Sam Manville used to be in a post-hardcore band called Blakfish. A sample Blakfish lyric: “I don’t like dance music and I don’t think I ever will!” He’s U-turned on that policy, though, and is now a lone electro producer whose moniker references the stock exchange. The Leicester lad’s career path mimics that of Skrillex, but his third EP is all about subtlety, with nary a bass drop in sight. And while it recalls Mount Kimbie, there’s a quiet menace here that feels completely fresh: these four tracks throb with moody basslines and muted beats. He spits rueful lyrics through gritted teeth, and though things get a little overwrought on anti-capitalist rant ‘Utopia’, in the main Manville’s a sound investment.

Jordan Bassett


Record label: Lucky Number
Release date: 21 Apr, 2014