Led Bib – ‘The People In Your Neighbourhood’

Led Bib - 'The People In Your Neighbourhood'


Jazz fusionists go on a bit but ultimately shine on their fifth album

A jazz fusion group whose name immediately makes you think of Led Zeppelin, Led Bib couple jazz instrumentation with rock styling and play hard live, drawing as much from The Headhunters as they do Captain Beefheart. Their fifth album in 10 years together captures both the density and sonic uninhibitedness of their show (‘New Teles’, ‘This Roofus’) and includes more melodic, contemplative passages (‘Angry Waters (Lost To Sea)’, ‘Recycling Saga’). At 73 minutes, it could easily have been boiled down to give it more punch, but you can’t bemoan the celebratory feel of ‘The People In Your Neighbourhood’. To survive a decade as a Brit jazz band is a huge achievement; Led Bib have earned the indulgence.

Phil Hebblethwaite


Record label: Cuneiform
Release date: 21 Apr, 2014