Tourist – ‘Patterns’ EP

Tourist - 'Patterns' EP


Disclosure's signing makes record perfect for late nights in the club

Tourist (aka William Philips) is aiming squarely at the club with this EP of deep house. Weird, then, that soulful pop singer (and Prince’s newly anointed BFF) Lianne La Havas should pop up as a guest, though it turns out that her gospel-tinged vocal on ‘Patterns’’ title offering is easily the EP’s highlight. Soaring and joyous, it makes for a fresh and intriguing contrast to the minimal, italo-disco beats beneath. Elsewhere, however, ‘I Can’t Keep Up’ is like a less innovative SBTRKT, with newcomer Will Heard taking the Sampha role, while ‘Together’ and ‘Trust In You’ run on typically swelling, repetitive beats and meaningless snatches of vocal. All perfectly fine for 4am, but La Havas’ might be the only one you’ll go back to the next day.

Lisa Wright


Record label: Method
Release date: 21 Apr, 2014