Fuck Art, Let’s Dance! – ‘Atlas’

Fuck Art, Let's Dance! - 'Atlas'


Synthetic prettiness from the profanely named trio

Despite their overexcited band name, the first full-length from Hamburg trio Fuck Art, Let’s Dance is less likely to spark wild body shaking than it is steady toe tapping. ‘Atlas’ is mostly easy on the ear, made up of compact synth-pop songs with tight guitar lines, smooth key riffs and throbbing drum loops, while singer Nico Cham delivers melodies so crisp they ought to come foil-wrapped. The tempo is quickest on the brawny ‘Déjà Vu’ and the indie bounce of ‘Those Dancing Days’ giving the record a much-needed nuance in pace, but also enhancing the slower moments; it’s the serene, synthetic prettiness of tracks like ‘Hemisphere’, ‘Juvenile Ghost’ and ‘Interstate 15′ that best show off these excitable Germans’ talents.

Dean Van Nguyen


Record label: Audiolith