Faze Action – ‘Body Of One’

Faze Action - 'Body Of One'


Cloying deep house from disco cellists and dance veterans

If deep house really is the go-to sound for urban youth then veteran duo Faze Action ought to reap some wider reward. Back in 1996 their cello-driven anthem ‘In The Trees’ proved how elegant house music could be. ‘Body Of One’ continues this noble pursuit, with influences ranging from Africa to Ibiza via post-punk New York, all held together by disco drums, rubbery bass and cello. Indeed, the preponderance of strings in the fantastic first half of the album means that – at its very best, as on the title track – ‘Body Of One’ suggests the work of that other famous disco cellist, Arthur Russell. They can’t keep it up, though, and the cloying mid section will seriously test your resistance to ’80s pop production.

Ben Cardew


Record label: Faze Action
Release date: 28 Apr, 2014