Broken Twin – ‘Epitaph’

Broken Twin - 'Epitaph'


Admirable acoustic beauty from Danish songstress

There’s lots to admire about Denmark’s Majke Voss Romme, aka Broken Twin. Her voice is beautiful, quivering between a less teary Cat Power and a less lispy Antony Hegarty. On this, her debut album, she layers it over softly humming beds of cello, piano and guitar. It’s at its most affecting on ‘The Aching’ and the Bat For Lashes-like ‘Sun Has Gone’, where things are lullaby-lovely. Her music recalls the quieter moments of Sigur Rós, but unlike them she never lets herself soar, keeping things sparse and reined in. It works, up to a point, but means the whole smooth and romantic-sounding affair, though not quite boring, lacks that special spark.

Jamie Fullerton


Record label: Epitaph
Release date: 28 Apr, 2014