Creative Adult – ‘Psychic Mess’

Creative Adult - 'Psychic Mess'


San Fran punks wear Fugazi and The Wipers influences on their sleeves on menacing debut

California’s musical youth seems constantly affiliated with skateboarding, drugs and hardcore. While San Francisco ragers Creative Adult recall the Circle Jerks and the scene’s intoxicated 1980s heyday, the five-piece actually formed to navigate away from the hardcore sound of their previous bands, Life Long Tragedy and Purple Mercy. ‘Psychic Mess’, recorded in Montreal with Godspeed You! Black Emperor’s Efrim Menuck, ploughs back to California through Portland and Washington, via Fugazi and The Wipers. It’s tense and cloaked in rumbling menace. ‘Flash’ and ‘Psychic Message’ are fearsome standouts, and elongated closer ‘Haunt’ ends with 90 seconds of what sounds like distant roadside hammering. Exploratory, intense and without a kickflip or kingskin in sight.

Ben Homewood


Record label: Run For Cover
Release date: 05 May, 2014