The So So Glows – ‘Blowout’

The So So Glows - 'Blowout'


The Brooklyn band's fourth is pop-punk with grit under its fingernails

‘Blowout’ is what pop-punk used to sound like in the ’90s; thrashy, unreconstructed party-rock of the Bad Religion variety. Compared to the raucous sound of The Clash et al, US punk can often sound sanitised and vaguely anodyne. But in comparison to, say, Paramore, ‘Blowout’ is full-on dirty, chipped-tooth, DIY scrapping, balancing pop-punk’s gloss – big choruses and pop melodies – with a sense of anti-establishment mischief. Of the 12 tracks featured, eight are ludicrously catchy, Green Day’s ‘Dookie’-grade gems, highlights including ‘Lost Weekend’ (pop-punk perfection), ‘Son Of An American’ (a clean-cut Japandroids) and ‘Speakeasy’ (The Strokes’ ‘Someday’ meets 22-forever skater-punk). Marred only by waltzy ballad ‘Island Ridin’’, ‘Blowout’ is for fans of feeling good about life. Pop-punk minus the emo gloom.

John Calvert


Director: Adam Reich
Record label: Votiv/Caroline International
Release date: 19 May, 2014