Pure X – ‘Angel’

Pure X - 'Angel'


Texan trio go gooey-eyed on their third effort

Pure X used to be a drone-rock band. Following 2013’s fractured ‘Crawling Up The Stairs’, ‘Angel’ shows the Texans taking another step away from the density of their 2011 debut ‘Pleasure’. They’re now defined by cascading, heart-shaped soft rock – or, as singer Nate Grace puts it on the album’s third track ‘Livin’ The Dream’, they have “fallen into a dream”. ‘Make You Want Me’, ‘Heaven’ and ‘Starlight’ underline the shift, twinkling like drivetime love songs. The sicklier side to their new approach (see syrupy closer ‘Wishin’ On The Same Star’) risks alienating older fans, but overall, Pure X’s immersive charm remains intact. Only ‘Rain’ betrays the heady sonics of old.

Ben Homewood


Record label: Fat Possum