Eastern Hollows – ‘Eastern Hollows’

Eastern Hollows - 'Eastern Hollows'


Brooklyn five piece get bogged down in the baggy

Judging by this, their debut album, Brooklyn five-piece Eastern Hollows are big fans of The Stone Roses. From the ’90s British vibe of ‘The Way That You’ve Gone’ onwards, tuneless vocalist Travis DeVries – previously of Seattle

alt.rockers The Turn-Ons – is a consistent distraction from the mellow fuzz-pop going on around him. The singer’s off-key hollering deadens the potentially charming ‘Summer’s Dead’, while he also struggles to climb the peaks of ‘Mickey Galaxy’ or navigate the sepia-toned guitar haze of ‘I Have The Past’ without sounding off-putting. Say what you like about Ian Brown’s singing abilities, but at least he nailed it on record.

Simon Jay Catling


Record label: Club AC30