Chris Stroffolino – ‘Griffith Park’

Chris Stroffolino - 'Griffith Park'


Stroffolino's rags to riches story makes for a baffling but beguiling listen

The Devil And Daniel Johnson director Jeff Feuerzeig discovered homeless poet/musician and sometime Silver Jew lyric-writer Chris Stroffolino busking at a piano in an LA parking lot. Inspired, he decided to record an album with him, and the resulting 12 songs are as odd as the whole scenario. Lyrics like “It’s better to have loved and lost/it’s not like it’s the holocaust” (‘Wherever It’s Grey’) are certainly unusual, and there’s an idiosyncratic charm in these stripped-back recordings of beaten-out chords and dissonant emoting. But to say it’s for everybody would be outright fibbing. At times, ‘Griffin Park’ sounds like Grampa Simpson has taken a neglected upright piano hostage – a fairly niche proposition.

Jeremy Allen


Record label: Broken Horse