Wet – ‘Wet’ EP

Wet - 'Wet' EP


Hotly-tipped New Yorkers give icy R&B-pop a romantic twist

Brooklyn based trio Wet might sing of love and romance and its almost always messy outfall, but their impressive four-track debut EP is anything but slushy. Spacious R&B underpinned by an icy, 1980s groove, their sophisticated brand of feelings-funk fits neatly into the Blood Orange/Solange spectrum. Slinky and sensual but with a decent dose of pop froth, on the dreamy ‘Don’t Wanna Be Your Girl’ vocalist Kelly Zutrau comes over like Sade after one heck of a bubble bath. She continues to make a gift of gloom on the impassioned ‘No Lie’, airily intoning “My baby/he said he loved me/but that’s a lie.” If only heartbreak was always this goddamn beautiful.

Leonie Cooper


Record label: National Anthem