Lay Llamas – ‘Ostro’

Lay Llamas - 'Ostro'


Italian psych duo head out on a journey through Arabic sands and outer space

Ignore the ominously hippified title of Ostro’s opening track, ‘Ancient People Of The Stars’; Lay Llamas are more than your standard wah wah pedal toting, one-rhythm-knowing psych-heads. Though the Italian duo are undoubtedly up for some third-eye opening, like most who sign to Rocket Recordings, they’re brilliantly varied in how they go about it. The seven-minute ‘We Are You’ is a well-worked contrast of sweeping drones and short, sharp electronics; ‘Desert Of Lost Souls’ starts off evoking the Arabic sands but ends up travelling the cosmos with its spacious sound and ’70s synths. ‘Archaic Revival’ is the centre-point though; nine minutes of tension-gripped, creeping bass and echoed mantras, its queasiness adds a weight of darkness to this mesmerising trip.

Simon Jay Catling


Record label: Rocket Recordings
Release date: 26 May, 2014