The Trouble With Templeton – ‘Rookie’

The Trouble With Templeton - 'Rookie'


Australian indie-pop group make polite, jittery debut

Named after an episode of cult US series The Twilight Zone, The Trouble With Templeton have a suitable weirdness about them. They’ve morphed from a solo project for Brisbane’s Thomas Calder to a five-piece that still sound as if they’re rattling around the brain of one man, picking out a distracted baroque-rock that swings between dreamy Grizzly Bear-ish introspection on ‘Whimpering Child’ to a polite take on Joan Jett riffage on ‘Like A Kid’. Calder’s assembled a crack virtuoso team with elements of Alt-J’s folky dexterity and Radiohead’s refusal to stick to the point, and their only weakness is a lack of real killer melodies – just the jittery Postcard Records jangle of ‘Glue’ ticks that box, but ‘Rookie’ is a pretty accomplished debut nevertheless.

Matthew Horton


Release date: 26 May, 2014