Devon Williams – ‘Gilding The Lily’

Devon Williams - 'Gilding The Lily'


LA musician needlessly peddles tired hypnagogic pop

Oh for crying out loud, LA hipsters, change the bloody record. The last thing music needs right now is more west coast hypnogogic pop, yet here we have Angelino Devon Williams hawking that same old hackneyed sub-Ariel Pink dreck. Worse still, the artist’s 3rd album constitutes the h-pop formula at its most unremarkable. Aside from the formless songwriting (see ‘Games’) and uneasy, no-man’s-land combination of urbane ’80s synthpop and bucolic ’60s twee (particularly on ‘Flowers’), on ‘Around In A Maze’ Williams adds insult to injury by reviving that most dreary of past pop forms: soft-focus ’70s balladry. Though the pretty good ‘Rabbit Hole’ sugars the pill, all told the predominance of Pink-by-numbers retro-bores like ‘Pendulum’ is too much to bare.

John Calvert


Record label: Slumberland
Release date: 02 Jun, 2014