Syd Arthur – ‘Sound Mirror’

Syd Arthur - 'Sound Mirror'


Paul Weller-tipped group mix jazz and psychedelia on indulgent record

With their Floyd meets The Kinks name, monolithic sleeve art and home on revived prog imprint Harvest, Canterbury’s Syd Arthur ring plenty of retro alarm bells. Earnest fan Paul Weller tipped the group for 2014 on NME.COM and, although there’s more 21st century-sounding records reviewed in these pages, ‘Sound Mirror’’s mix of jazz rhythms and psychedelic funk cuts a distinctive, if unfashionable, path. Buoyant string arrangements and swooshing synths add a cosmic soul sheen to the soaring ‘Hometown Blues’ and ‘Chariots’, while Liam Magill’s lyrics (“The garden of time will unfold”) pay homage to the Arcadian hippy dream. ‘Autograph’ and thundering instrumental ‘Singularity’ veer into indulgent jamming, but Syd Arthur’s love for their antiquated influences carries them through.

Stuart Huggett


Record label: Harvest
Release date: 02 Jun, 2014