Tomas Barfod – ‘Love Me’

Tomas Barfod - 'Love Me'


Guest stars Luke Temple and Nina Kinert bring the Danish musician's electronic compositions to life

When Danish electronic auteur Tomas Barfod taps in a beat and cranks the hardware for one of his solo releases, does he worry about undermining his position as the (real, human) drummer in Copenhagen trio WhoMadeWho? More likely he’s just happy to rest his arms. Either way, at its best his music outshines WhoMadeWho’s middling Soulwaxisms; ‘Love Me’ follows up 2012 debut album ‘Salton Sea’, but edges away from sleek, techno throb towards something more tender and torch song. His choice of vocalists aid this considerably: the striking falsetto of Here We Go Magic’s Luke Temple caps ‘Bell House’, but Swedish indie-folkist Nina Kinert graces four tracks and steals the show on the electro-tinted ‘Pulsing’ and the exquisitely blank ‘Aftermath’. Definitely lovable.

Noel Gardner


Record label: Secretly Canadian
Release date: 09 Jun, 2014