Fhloston Paradigm – ‘The Phoenix’

Fhloston Paradigm - 'The Phoenix'


Ambience inspired by sci-fi cinema from Philadelphian producer

A few years back, an ambient record inspired by sci-fi cinema was still a novel premise in electronica. Lately, though, after everyone from Portishead’s Geoff Barrow to trap producer Kuedo mounted the bandwagon, the formula has become hackneyed. However, by fusing the usual sci-fi score clichés to elements of techno, instrumental rap and Emeralds-style ‘post-noise’, on ‘The Phoenix’ producer Fhloston Paradigm has managed to breathe new life into the concept. This Frankenstein approach to stylistic rule breaking dominates the Philadelphian’s debut, leaving the album positively bulging with jarring juxtaposition. But whether it’s ‘Tension Remains” collision of religious chorale and space-age pulse or the jazz-soul cyberpunk of ‘Never Defeated’, the result is always original: suffice to say ‘It’s All About’ is R&B like you’ve never heard it before. 

John Calvert


Record label: Hyperdub
Release date: 09 Jun, 2014