Peter Matthew Bauer – ‘Liberation!’

Peter Matthew Bauer - 'Liberation!'


Bright Eyes-esque solo material from The Walkmen's bassist

Like his former bandmates in The Walkmen, Walter Martin and Hamilton Leithauser, bassist Peter Matthew Bauer is releasing a solo album. You might think the album’s title, with emphatic exclamation mark, is a statement of newfound freedom now the Washington band are “on extreme hiatus” (read “broken up”), and Bauer certainly sounds limber and unshackled, especially on the Bright Eyes-ey ‘Philadelphia Raga’. The opening song is a bit of a giveaway, however. It’s called ‘I Was Born In An Ashram’ and details his childhood growing up surrounded by Indian cultural activity. Delve into the lyrics a little deeper, particularly the title track, and it becomes even clearer that Bauer sees his old band’s split as the first step towards spiritual enlightenment and finding certainty amid the chaos.

Andy Welch


Record label: Memphis Industries
Release date: 16 Jun, 2014