Siinai – ‘Shopping Trance’

Siinai - 'Shopping Trance'


Horror synths and drones inspired by a trip to the supermarket

Finnish four-piece Siinai have pegged their second album as a “soundtrack for the supermarket nations”. However, music for a trip round Waitrose this is not. Three minutes of trembling throb and chilling horror synths introduce Siinai to the deepest chambers of your ear canal, before the urgent motorik beat of ‘Shopping Trance’ kicks in. You can’t help but wonder what Helsinki’s supermarkets have that we don’t. By contrast, Aieouyao’ is breezy and melodic and could easily be commissioned to sell package holidays by the plane-load. If Siinai’s response to their weekly food shop is 45 minutes of blissful drone, heady repetition and ripples of melody, we can only hope they have to pop back for more milk soon, and more inspiration.

Hayley Avron


Record label: Splendour
Release date: 16 Jun, 2014