Greys – ‘If Anything’

Greys - 'If Anything'


Fugazi loving noise punks show the potential to lead a new generation

Any band that names a song after Fugazi guitarist Guy Picciotto is wearing its punk patches with pride. Greys erupted from the same Toronto noise scene as Metz, and they’ve learned well if the serrated, slurring ‘Pretty Grim’ and the severe stop-start of ‘Use Your Delusion’ are anything to go by. Elsewhere they borrow Fidlar’s pent-up goofiness and, on ‘Chick Singer’, attempt to steer it into a parody of regressive attitudes to female musicians. Of course, for all its honourable intentions, it still paints a picture of 100 dudes in a basement yelling the refrain, “She’s good for a girl”. But when they aren’t committing feminist faux pas, Greys stand on the verge of leading a new generation of punk.

Robert Cooke


Record label: Carpark
Release date: 23 Jun, 2014