Human Hair – ‘My Life As A Beast And Lowly Form’

Human Hair - 'My Life As A Beast And Lowly Form'


London-via-Nottingham Pavement devotees don't quite reward on ruthless debut

On this debut record of ruthless sonic battery, London-via-Nottingham five-piece Human Hair come across as a violent but intelligent bunch. Opener ‘Party Size’ is built around a Pavement-style guitar riff, and ‘Worldly One’ drifts unknowingly into the throes of Sonic Youth’s ‘Kool Thing’; these are the artists who form the basis of Human Hair’s sound. From here, ‘My Life…’ builds into a whole weather-front’s worth of gale-force guitars and vocal assaults, the latter exemplified by frontman (and former furniture salesman) Jack Lenton’s incensed yelps on ‘Happy Birthday’ and the shrill and screeching ‘Nail Biter’. There is lack of dynamic range, though, that makes it a wounding, rather than rewarding, listen.

James Balmont


Record label: The stat51 Conspiracy
Release date: 23 Jun, 2014