Remember Remember – ‘Forgetting The Present’

Remember Remember - 'Forgetting The Present'


Glaswegians' third album strikes a richer and denser blow

Remember Remember aren’t easily forgotten. The Glaswegian group are the brainchild of Graeme Ronald, who started off writing songs using the contents of his cutlery drawer. Since then, things have developed into a six-piece collective whose musical horizon is apparently boundless. Like the previous two, their third album is as rich and dense as a lesser royal, with songs like ‘Magnets’ and ‘Frozen Frenzy’ breezing past the nine-minute mark by taking a simple riff and expanding ever outwards from it. The obvious comparison perhaps lies with label bosses Mogwai, but Remember Remember are more about awe than aggression, and resolutely their own thing: this is music to lose yourself in, rather than to.

Barry Nicolson


Record label: Rock Action
Release date: 23 Jun, 2014