Freeze The Atlantic – ‘Freeze The Atlantic’

Freeze The Atlantic - 'Freeze The Atlantic'


Ex-Reuben and Hundred Reasons members come together on punchy second LP

British rock is a bustling industry – even when you think it’s in a lull, there’s always something happening behind the scenes. Farnborough-based rockers Freeze The Atlantic are one such bunch, delivering melodic, accessible rock full of integrity. Formed by two members of Reuben and one of Hundred Reasons – though founder member Jon Pearce, ex-Reuben, has departed since their 2012 debut ‘Speakeasy’ – the five-piece’s self-titled second album packs 13 intelligent, emotionally heavy punches into its 44 minutes. Of those, the restrained surge of ‘You Drove Me To Taxidermy’ and the soaring, crunching riffs of ‘Bound’ are best, but the whole album is an impressive demonstration of grit and grace.

Mischa Pearlman


Record label: Alcopop!
Release date: 23 Jun, 2014