Wolves In The Throne Room – ‘Celestite’

Wolves In The Throne Room - 'Celestite'


Metal's black sheep ditch their guitars for synths on follow-up to 2011's 'Celestial Lineage'

The black sheep of black metal, a genre in which all normal human values of decency are inverted, are required to be polite and well behaved. Take Pacific Northwestern duo Wolves In The Throne Room, unlikely advocates of a self-sufficient, ecologically sound lifestyle. Previous albums, like 2011’s ‘Celestial Lineage’, have been ferocious, epic and blackened, with monstrous riffs. You’d never guess its follow-up, ‘Celestite’, was by the same band: no vocals, no guitars and, well, no black metal, all synths humming spacily in a manner comparable to Tangerine Dream or Emeralds. Yet if their change of direction is a surprise, the fact they’re extremely good at it is less so. Whatever gear they have at their disposal, WITTR remain almost unbeatable for swelling, atmospheric excellence.

Noel Gardner


Record label: Artemisia
Release date: 07 Jul, 2014